gSky Digest

gSky Digest 0.4

gSky Digest informs you concisely about astronomical events of the visible sky

gSky Digest is an application which informs you concisely about any astronomical event of the visible sky which is happening in your vicinity. This lightweight application provides the positions of various objects of the solar system. Once you have downloaded the program, its icon appears in your system tray thus providing quick and easy access to the application.

All the data is presented in two groups in the program's main window. The events group presents its data in the form of dates. The snapshot group presents data in the form of a numeric value or a textual description. Altitude and azimuth, distance, angular diameter, magnitude, solar elongation, Moon libration, Moon phase text and day phase is the data implemented in the snapshots group. In the events group the rise, set and transit time, nautical and astronomical twilights and other data is available.

You can set the time in this application in three ways. The real time clock mode incorporates the system time. Inputing the time in a box on the toolbar will be the selected time clock mode. In the event clock mode the time is taken from a selected event.

R. Fernandez
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  • Easy to use
  • Free


  • A lot of data is still to be incorporated through updates, which are not yet operational
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